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Online Business Models: European Ecommerce, Long Tail Comic, RCRDDEALS, Monetizing Social Media, Covert Business Models, Rent The Runway & Mo'

Recently at Flux Research:

Comscore (SCOR): 75% of European Web Users Visit Retail Websites

SmarterComics Releases The Long Tail as a Comic Book

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Thrillist Builds Out Daily Deals at Thrillist Rewards, Connects Editorial, Advertising & Ecommerce

Daily Deals: Facebook, Bing & LocalDeals Enter, Groupon & LivingSocial Go Big, Plus Mo' Groupon News

Socialize: Monetizing Social Media Conference

Competitive Intelligence & Covert Business Models

SXSW Pokes: "Inspiring Stories About Taking Initiative"

Rent The Runway: Introducing a New Business Model

Independent Online Distribution Alliance Launches IODA Open API for Music Industry Data


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